1. What is your general topic?
  2. What sources have you read?
  3. What did they discuss?
  4. What is the problem?
  5. Who has the problem?
  6. Where is the problem?
  7. How does the problem affect people?
  8. Why does it affect people?
  9. Who doesn't have this problem?
  10. Who benefits from this problem?
  11. What is your solution?
  12. Who can it help?
  13. Where can it help them?
  14. When can it help them?
  15. How can it help them?
  16. Why would it help them?
  17. Who would it not help?
  18. How could your solution cause more problems?
  19. How could it fail?
  20. What would it cost?
Problem-Solution Interview 형식의 영어 Essay Introduction Structure
20개 항목이 다 포함되있을 필요는 없지만 가능하면 많이 포함하는 것이 좋다.